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About This Award

Launched in 2007 and formerly called the ASCO Statesman Award, the FASCO distinction honors members for their extraordinary volunteer service, engagement, and dedication to the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the Association for Clinical Oncology (collectively ASCO). The award was designed to honor ASCO’s most engaged members and volunteers to encourage more members to become involved with ASCO activities. FASCO status is conferred to eligible members upon meeting the necessary FASCO points.


Eligibility is determined using a point system. Members are eligible to become a Fellow if they have accumulated 100 or more points for volunteer service or engagement activities with ASCO. Eligibility to earn points and the designation are limited to ASCO members.

FASCO Evolution

In 2022, the FASCO program has updated two components of how FASCO points are awarded. These updates are effective in January 2022 and will not impact previously earned FASCO points.

  • Volunteer: The volunteer point structure was simplified from 17 different point values for volunteer types to 4. The change is meant to streamline how points are awarded and provide volunteers with clarity on the points they will receive for specific opportunities.
  • Engagement: Starting in 2022, FASCO points can now be earned through engagement activities.

While points will continue to be awarded through volunteer service this update provides recognition of members actively engaged in ASCO.

FASCO Point Structure

The chart below shows how FASCO Points are earned through volunteer service and engagement activities. For detailed information on how to earn FASCO Points, please visit the Become a FASCO page.

Points Volunteer Group Position/Role
15 ASCO, CCF, CLQ Board of Directors​ President, President-Elect, Treasurer-Elect, Past President, Treasurer, Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Chairman, Vice President, Member​
10 Committee, Subcommittee, Editorial Board, Steering Group, Task Force​ Chair, Co-Chair, Editor-in-Chief​
5 Committee, Subcommittee, Editorial Board, Steering Group, Task Force Deputy Editor, Chair-Elect, Past Chair, Member, Representative Member, Associate Editor​
3 Volunteer Corps Activities Chair, Member, Mentor​
Points Engagement Activities Max Points Annually
2 Meeting Registration – in person and virtual​ 2
2 Grant & Award Winners/ Nominators 2
1 myConnection Contributors 1
1 Conquer Cancer Donors 1
1 Voting in ASCO Election​ 1


Each calendar year, new Fellows will be conferred the FASCO status upon reaching the 100-points and will be honored at the ASCO Annual Meeting during the Opening Session and receive an invitation to the President’s Reception. Fellows will be notified in advance of the meeting and are encouraged to attend the ceremony at the Annual Meeting. Once conferred, the fellow status is a lifetime recognition, and the Fellows will receive the following benefits and recognition:

  • Use of the letters F.A.S.C.O. after their name
  • Reduced registration rate on any ASCO Meeting each year
  • Name published in appropriate ASCO publications
  • Name added to the official FASCO Registry
  • Special Annual Meeting ribbon each year