Photo of Dr. Joseph Muscato testifying at a hearing held by Missouri's Senate Appropriations Committee

Dr. Joseph Muscato, President of the Missouri Oncology Society and a Member of the State Affiliate Council, testifies in support of maintaining Medicaid expansion at a hearing held by Missouri’s Senate Appropriations Committee in 2022.

Engage in ASCO’s State Advocacy Efforts

Now more than ever legislative and regulatory action at the state level is shaping cancer care and the practice of oncology. Often, when lawmakers pass a law or regulatory agencies enact regulations in one state, it creates a model that other states pursue. States also often serve as incubators for federal policymaking.

The active participation of cancer care professionals in state advocacy serves a crucial purpose—it ensures that policies support the best quality of care for our patients and the practice of oncology. Through meetings, letters, and calls to state policymakers, as well as in-person testimony at state hearings, cancer care providers can make a meaningful difference in policy that will impact cancer patients and providers.


  • ASCO's State ACT Network
    • Access legislative activity that could impact cancer care and the practice of oncology in your state
    • Share your views with your State Representatives and Senators on priority state legislative issues

ASCO and State Affiliates: Advocating Together

ASCO and State Affiliates are increasingly partnering in state-level advocacy, ensuring that the voice of oncology is heard by state policymakers on issues such as utilization management, clinical trials coverage, Medicaid expansion, cancer prevention, and others. ASCO supports State Affiliates by

  • Providing state advocacy toolkits, policy statements, and other resources
  • Analyzing state legislation and regulations
  • Drafting comment letters on legislation and regulations
  • Preparing testimony for state hearings and meetings
  • Coordinating grassroots alerts through ASCO’s State ACT Network
  • Facilitating access to state-level coalitions on legislative priorities
  • Crafting social media messaging, including tweets when appropriate

Questions for the State Advocacy team can be sent by email to Aaron SegelSarah Lanford, and Nick Telesco.