ASCO promotes the use of written treatment plans and summary care plans to ensure appropriate coordination among the members of the extended care team. Below are templates and resources developed by ASCO and others designed to support effective communication of a survivor’s health status and long-term care needs. ** Inclusion of a resource does not imply ASCO’s endorsement of any specific treatment or product. **

ASCO’s Treatment Plan and Summary Resources

ASCO's Survivorship Care Plan Template

ASCO has developed a revised survivorship care plan template, composed of the treatment summary and follow-up care plan, to enhance communication and coordination of care for the survivor. In addition, ASCO has released disease-specific templates for:

ASCO's Treatment Plan Template

This template is designed to be delivered at the time of diagnosis in order to communicate the planned course of care. 

American Head and Neck Society

The American Head and Neck Society has created a care plan and treatment summary for patients with head and neck cancer.

Journey Forward: Guiding Survivors as They Move Ahead

The Journey Forward program helps survivors transition to life after cancer through the use of treatment summaries and follow-up care plans that include steps for follow-up care and monitoring. Journey Forward's custom-made Survivorship Care Plan Builder is available to any oncologist, and the electronic Medical History Builder allows patients to easily record their own health history. My Care Plan is an additional tool available for patients. The tools allows patients to initiate their care plans,which they then complete as a joint effort with their clinical providers.

OncoLife Survivorship Care Plan

The OncoLife Survivorship Care Plan is a comprehensive care plan that is individualized based on responses to an online questionnaire. This tool can be used by healthcare providers to create care plans in busy clinics or for patients to create and review with their providers.