Open comment allows for key stakeholders to critically review and identify any errors or gaps in a draft measure prior to its finalization and implementation. It allows for greater transparency in the ASCO measure development process and complies with best practices for measure development. In addition, open comment enables ASCO to engage interested stakeholders (especially patients/patient advocacy groups), provide a higher-quality product to the membership, and facilitate implementation and dissemination efforts.

ASCO measures will be available for open comment for a two- to three-week period. Prospective reviewers must contact ASCO to request to review the draft measure and will be required to sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement before receiving the draft measure. Reviewers must identify themselves by name and affiliation; anonymous comments will not be accepted. Please email a signed copy to to receive access to the survey containing the draft measure narrative. Measures staff will review and summarize comments and bring relevant comments to the measure panel chairs, and to the entire technical expert panel if necessary. Any changes made from the open comment process will be reviewed by the entire panel prior to Measures Steering Group approval. Comments are advisory only and ASCO is not bound to make any changes based on feedback from open comment. ASCO will not respond to reviewers or post any responses to comments.

Available for Open Comment

There are no measures currently open for comment.