The Fellow of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (FASCO) distinction recognizes members for their extraordinary volunteer service, engagement, dedication, and commitment to ASCO.

The resources below are intended to guide members on how they can become a FASCO and earn FASCO points.

To earn FASCO points you must be an active member of ASCO in good standing. To check on your membership status and current FASCO point totals, please visit your ASCO profile.

FASCO Levels

As part of the enhanced FASCO program, ASCO will recognize members at two milestones along the way to the full designation:

  • ASCO Ally: 25 points
  • ASCO Ambassador: 50 points
  • Fellow of ASCO: 100 points

These milestone levels are intended to recognize members on their engagement journey and reflect an understanding that engaging with one’s professional society is a career-long endeavor.

Earning Points Through Volunteer Service

Volunteering allows you to deepen your engagement with ASCO and use your expertise to benefit the field of oncology. Volunteer opportunities award between 3 and 15 points per year of service per position. Please visit the FASCO page for more information on the volunteer point structure.

  • To complete a Volunteer Application, please visit our Volunteer website and select Apply. Once your application is submitted you will be considered for all future volunteer positions with the society and association.

Other ways to earn credit for Volunteer Corps opportunities.

  • Meeting Faculty & Discussants
  • Bloggers
  • Podcast Contributors
  • Participate in Policy and Advocacy Initiatives
  • Become a Mentor
  • Participating in the Research Survey Pool

Earning Points Through Engagement

Attend an ASCO Meeting

2 points per year that a meeting is attended

Attending ASCO meetings is an important way to stay up to date with the practice of, and research in the field of oncology. Members now earn 2 FASCO points every year they attend an ASCO meeting. An ASCO meeting includes the ASCO Annual Meeting, Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium, Genitourinary Cancers Symposium, Quality Care Symposium, ASCO Breakthrough, ASCO hosted Best of ASCO, Methods in Clinical Research Workshop, and the ASCO Quality Training Program.

To review the upcoming meeting schedule, please visit our Meetings & Education page.

Grant and Award Recipients & Nominators

2 points per year that you are awarded an ASCO or Conquer Cancer grant/ award OR nominate a colleague for a special award

ASCO Special Award and Conquer Cancer Grant & Award recipients represent the best in the field of oncology and assist ASCO in achieving its strategic mission. Award recipients and nominators will now receive 2 FASCO points to recognize this achievement. To review available grants and awards please visit:

myConnection Contributors

1 point every year you start or reply to a discussion

ASCO’s myConnection is an important resource that allows members to network, host discussions and collaborate with each other. Members will receive 1 FASCO point every year you start a discussion thread, reply to a discussion thread, or share a library resource with your peers.

To begin networking with ASCO's network of more than 45,000 members please visit myConnection.

Conquer Cancer Donors

1 point every year you donate any amount

Donating to the Conquer Cancer, the ASCO Foundation allows ASCO to achieve its mission to conquer cancer through research, education, and promotion of the highest quality, equitable patient care. Conquer Cancer Foundation donors will receive 1 point per year they donate. For more information, please visit

Vote in an ASCO Election

1 point every year you vote in an ASCO election 

When you vote in an ASCO election you are helping to shape the future of the organization, cancer care, and research globally. Every year you vote in an ASCO election you will be awarded 1 FASCO point. ASCO elections take place every Fall and members can find information on voting in the About ASCO section of our site.

For questions regarding the FASCO Designation or additional guidance on how to earn FASCO points please email our Customer Service team.